Short stories tagged with Nostalgic Ending

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A Japanese mother loses her husband during World War II and subsequently urges her son not to forget his heritage in the face of American occupation.

A man remembers a fateful autumn during his junior year of high school, which he spent playing football in apple orchards, riding in his best friend's car, and falling in love.

When a young woman in a contemporary American city witnesses her father cheating on her mother, her entire world crashes down around her.

A young woman and her husband move from New York City to Oklahoma. While visiting a home for her new job as a real estate copywriter, a tornado hits.

As three Georgian women try to do right by their family and its long-lasting legacy, their strength and perseverance leads each of them to unlikely places.

Among the prairies of Central Nebraska, two young cousins have all the fun in the world, shooting ducks and taming ponies.

On a May morning, a Quaker family rushes to prepare for a party they are hosting for their neighbors that night.

A middle-aged married couple ventures out on a tour of astronomically significant sites in Europe as a devastating event looms on their horizon.

A depressed, divorced father visits his son in Southern California, hoping to encounter a bit of joie de vivre, if for only a few days.