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On an intergalactic spaceship, two runaway servants turned mercenaries agree to a dangerous mission that will take them back to the planet from which they escaped—in return for a shot at a clean record and a peaceful life.

After being struck by lightning, ruining her chance at the Olympics in a skiing accident, and dropping out of college, a bartender in a roadhouse in upstate New York tries to survive her shift on Lobster Night.

When a young woman in a contemporary American city witnesses her father cheating on her mother, her entire world crashes down around her.

Two men sit outdoors at a restaurant during the Great Depression and gossip about the experiences and occupations of individuals they've encountered.

When a present-day Los Angeles eighth-grader embarks on her first sexual experience, her virtual and real-life social world slip out from under her feet almost immediately.

A restaurant owners tells a customer about a crazy client he once had.

In 2006, a teenage waiter working in a restaurant on California's Mount Tamalapis handles an erratic, unstable female customer as a favor to another coworker.

In an unspecified country destroyed by war, a former chef-turned-political prisoner escapes his chains and steals the identity of a physics professor.

When a group of refugee cyborgs pose as a band of human restauranteurs to attain intergalactic freedom, one of them questions her allegiances.

A man from Vienna has recently become an American citizen and now works as a musician at a Jewish restaurant in New York, where he plays piano in a quintet. When the restaurant is robbed and the man is held hostage along with the restaurant's guests and staff, he must try to survive while maintaining his grip on reality as strange things begin to happen around him.