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After being brought to life by a strange formula, an old man's Linotype machine wrecks havoc on his small print shop in early-20th-century New York.

After a man's wife dies he goes on a spiritual journey to find happiness after experiencing such loss.

Three boys rent a canoe in Iowa and spend the day riding down a river. As the long and strenuous journey stretches into the night, their friendship, trust, and determination are tested.

A seven-year-old is sent to their elderly grandmother’s rural farm to aid in the annual crop harvest, and together, young and old bear a lean winter while anticipating the return of an unruly uncle.

A group of people at a bar discuss their experiences with an eccentric and impulsive boy as they anticipate his arrival.

A priest must choose to visit his dying brother or take care of a sick friar. The choice he chooses haunts him forever.

In Japan, a man takes in his transgender childhood friend after she shows up at his apartment. He is driven by guilt that he abandoned her when they were younger, and he must now grapple with feelings of guilt and budding emotion.

A man trying to find meaning in life has an affair with a girl. He struggles with whether he should tell his wife.

An aging writer grapples with an existential crisis as he struggles to continue loving his wife.

A dancer becomes disillusioned after moving to Tel Aviv to study under a long admired choreographer. Once she begins to see an actor's face at pivotal points in her life, she decides to quit the dance company and leave Tel Aviv.