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During a Northeastern winter in their new isolated country home, a woman slowly succumbs to the gaslighting and manipulation of her husband.

A preacher teaches his janitorial robot about Christianity so the robot can help identify the logical inconsistencies in his Sunday sermons. But when the robot wants to join the congregation, the preacher and his parishioners are not so welcoming.

An aging single woman's landlord has promised to butcher her beloved pet pig if she doesn't sell it in time, and her deadline is rapidly approaching.

A man tries to determine the cost of a passionate but brief love affair, and his calculations lead him to a solemn but hopeful realization.

A scientist travels to a space station orbiting Jupiter to try and figure out why the technology linking a human to a rudimentary, genetically-engineered form on the planet's surface. Over the course of his stay, he tries to figure out the nature of the relationship between the minds of the Jovian being and the human.

When a lesbian couple moves into a haunted house whose lease they can't break, they must change their way of life to adapt to their eerie surroundings.

As a man waits in jail for the next stage in his journey through the justice system, he lives through visions of what the justice system could be in parallel universes, only to wake up and realize he can only exist in one system.

A grieving professor, facing the thought of spending a holiday season alone, is happy for the distraction when his old student requests he examine her uncle's paintings. His investigation of the artwork leads him to the uncle's mysterious mental break in the midst of the World War II Ally invasion of France.

A successful middle-aged lawyer brings home her little sister, a woman who was institutionalized at a young age. In attempting to sort out her sister's history and her own corruption, the woman encounters continually perplexing behavior from those around her.

A couple marry after being unfaithful to each other in a scintillating game of cat and mouse.