Short stories tagged with Genetic Engineering

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A man from a future overrun by genetic modification struggles in vain to keep unregulated technology out of his neighborhood and marriage.

In the near future, an investigative journalist interviews several key players in the rise of a genetic enhancement drug that has made predominantly white Americans Black.

A scientist travels to a space station orbiting Jupiter to try and figure out why the technology linking a human to a rudimentary, genetically-engineered form on the planet's surface. Over the course of his stay, he tries to figure out the nature of the relationship between the minds of the Jovian being and the human.

In a dystopian Toronto where genetically modified humans form the upper class, a young woman goes in search of answers after she discovers that her newly-changed friend has been murdered.

A young girl decides to run away with her best friend to a strange city only known in stories with the help of her talking dog after he loses everything in a world where success is scored to determine social status. But can they actually escape the controlling society they're running from?

In futuristic London, a con artist and a genetically engineered dog attempt to steal diamonds from the queen's heavily guarded labyrinth.

On a planet far from Earth where people move so that they can change their bodies, discrimination against genetically engineered individuals pushes a woman to reexamine an old friendship and her dream of being a mother.

A middle-aged man faces a difficult decision; he can choose to use genetic alteration to have a say over the life of his unborn child, or leave the future up to chance. As he struggles to choose a path, he reconsiders his own past and the struggles he has faced.