Short stories published in 1957

Listing 33 stories.

When two very different women suffer a car crash, a one-sided friendship soon becomes a bitter court battle which ends in tragedy.

A man named Stein commits fraud then travels into the future to the day after the statute of limitations has expired. After the ensuing legal battle, the judge rules: "A niche in time saves Stein."

A young pen pal unexpectedly visits a retired professor after their enthusiastic, months-long correspondence. However, their meeting in person goes much less smoothly than their previous communication.

Frequent beatings from his father and the casual dismissal of his childhood fears lead to the deterioration of a boy's mental health, and the loss of the only 'real' person in the world leaves him in despair.

Mr. Fortune, an industrious old landowner with his eye toward the development of his country town, spends all of his time with his favorite granddaughter, Mary Fortune. She is his spitting image in appearance and spirit, completely unlike his despised son-in-law - until a major disagreement brings them to blows.

After his army friend finds a girlfriend, an American veteran subsisting on the G.I. Bill is left on his own to search for meaning in his life in post-war Paris.

A white innkeeper in Denmark has a strange encounter with a large black sailor who asks for a room and the company of a prostitute.

A mathematician tries to convince his machinist friend to travel through time with him, leading to a heated discussion of man’s hubris and the possible paradoxes that could open up if they disturb the time-space continuum.

A scientist travels to a space station orbiting Jupiter to try and figure out why the technology linking a human to a rudimentary, genetically-engineered form on the planet's surface. Over the course of his stay, he tries to figure out the nature of the relationship between the minds of the Jovian being and the human.

A boy returns to New York City from summer camp and is greeted by his father. Despite being bullied at camp, it is revealed that the boy prefers life at camp to his home life.