Short stories tagged with Bullying

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A young girl with a grievous family situation grows up and tries to escape her reality by seeking false love and affection.

When two seventh graders refuse to let another boy into their game of catch, the spurned boy uses his magic powers to get what he wants.

A young girl attending a predominantly white New York City grade school in the 1950s watches the journey of one of her classmates — a girl of color with a disability — when an influential teacher helps her become more confident and comfortable.

After her mother’s death, an imaginative 9-year-old girl bullied by kids at school and by her father, who has a new girlfriend, at home finds comfort only in her dog.

A group of kids in a Chicago neighborhood direct both spite and love at two old women who are not who they seem.

After their father leaves, two young brothers struggle to remain allies when one of them is bullied and accused of being gay.

On his first trip to New York City, a starstruck teenager confronts the trauma of growing up gay in a conservative town.

A boy feels isolated from his group of friends and targets his rage towards the most popular of them all. When he realizes the extent of the influence this enemy wields, he is forced to come to terms with the hopelessness of his situation.

When a Black teenage girl is groped at a club, she quickly realizes that everyone will place the blame on her. She thinks back to an old friend who was cornered in a similar situation and abandoned by everyone else.

30 years later, a former childhood bully is haunted by the memory of a Halloween prank gone wrong. In a small town, a trio of middle school bullies pulls a Halloween prank on Hannah which goes horribly wrong. Thirty years later, one former bully is haunted by the memory.