Short stories tagged with Homophobia

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A lonely young boy navigates his sexually-frustrated mother and closeted gay father's unhappy marriage.

In India, a young man wishes to impregnate his wife and raise the child with his secret male lover, but his lover hesitates.

In an alternate reality where a sub-species of androgynous astronauts named Spacers prostitutes themselves to the rest of the human race, one Spacer reevaluates his life upon becoming friends with a kind girl who doesn’t desire him.

After their father leaves, two young brothers struggle to remain allies when one of them is bullied and accused of being gay.

When a search engine becomes artificially intelligent, it decides to try to help people...starting with the users who upload the best cat photos.

A teenage girl’s sixteenth birthday takes a deadly turn when vampires come out of hiding and take over New York City. As she navigates through the destroyed city, she risks her life to get to the home of her best friend and unrequited love.

A twentieth-century ranch caretaker in Montana finds his peace of mind disrupted when the ranch is sold to a corpulent gay Wall Street banker.

After a shameful incident, a boy's brother begins partaking in electroshock therapy, at the behest of his father.

A young man in a fraternity reveres his brothers and finds himself drawn to a girl two of his friends have hooked up with, whom he calls God.

A depressed academic uses a robot endowed with AI to help recover from her illness while simultaneously remembering the story of Alan Turing.