Short stories tagged with Unrequited Love

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A local punk band enters an abandoned house to film a music video there. The bassist of the group senses an evil presence in the house and begins planning her escape while her bandmates continue searching deeper in the house.

A teenage girl’s sixteenth birthday takes a deadly turn when vampires come out of hiding and take over New York City. As she navigates through the destroyed city, she risks her life to get to the home of her best friend and unrequited love.

A lovestruck journalist and a torn painter pull the threads of their affair in opposite directions: he desires something more permanent, while she feels indebted to her husband and sons.

Sometime in the twentieth or twenty-first century, a teenage runaway finds refuge working in Wyoming for over 15 years for an older cattle rancher whose unrequited love complicates the terms of her employment.

A gay filmmaker uses his borderline super hearing to help his best friend uncover the mystery behind a tape depicting a captive woman taking her last breaths.

Accused of murder by a madman, a psychotherapist is given 50 minutes to answer for his crimes.

A young girl tries to connect to a mysterious, sullen Frenchman whose only love seems to be his ship.

A self-hating self-help celebrity prepares to levy a shocking accusation against her ex-boyfriend.

When a teenage girl in 1940s New York City finally conjures up the urge to demand some money that a friend owes her, she’s treated to an afternoon of conversation unlike anything she’s ever heard before.

A local detective investigates the murder of a businessman who returned to town after years of being away. The detective holds a conflict of interest in the case: his sister was swindled years ago by the victim.