Short stories tagged with Missing Children

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A local punk band enters an abandoned house to film a music video there. The bassist of the group senses an evil presence in the house and begins planning her escape while her bandmates continue searching deeper in the house.

A researcher delves into the story of a small town ravaged by unusual violence. When tigers massacred the townspeople and hoards of children disappeared into the woods — never to be seen again — the survivors of the event and the generations that came after seek answers and reflect on their history, as well as the prevalence of tigers in their culture and mythology.

Five children go missing in a supernatural town where monsters wear disguises and a Super Teen Detective Squad solves local crimes. A bus driver learns about their fate by talking to the children' ghosts and must help the detectives without implicating himself.

Tragedy strikes a small Kansas town when children begin disappearing. A young boy and his friend decide it is up to them to uncover the truth.