Short stories tagged with Thriller Plot

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An inexperienced governess cares for an orphan in a gothic German castle and discovers that the child is a murderous sea serpent.

After suffering a battlefield injury during World War I, an English soldier develops persistent amnesia, making him fearful of his own actions during the memory blackouts.

After being unfairly blamed for medical malpractice, a Chinese student finds success making illegal fake versions of beef.

A deceased British sailor becomes the unwitting subject of his father's horrific experiments to resuscitate dead bodies.

An elderly man struggling with his failing memory receives a visit from a mysterious doctor.

After surviving an attack on his life, a Serengeti park ranger realizes that greedy poachers will stop at nothing to get their hands on the valuable horns of the endangered rhinoceros.

A microphone operator returns to England from working on a documentary project in Greenland, only to find she has brought home the curse of the shark that killed her coworker and now endangers her son.

A human and a giant millipede learn to overcome their differences as they flee a warzone together.

As a Chinese-American widower and professor of philosophy contemplates the life he has provided his two daughters, he recalls a traumatic memory from his youth as a delivery boy for a Chinese restaurant, riding through the dangerous streets of New York City.

A successful middle-aged lawyer brings home her little sister, a woman who was institutionalized at a young age. In attempting to sort out her sister's history and her own corruption, the woman encounters continually perplexing behavior from those around her.