Short stories tagged with Self Sacrifice

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As per tradition in her country, a young girl of a mysterious Order is chosen to bear the launch codes of sere missiles embedded in her heart. To activate the missiles, the president of her country must personally cut open her chest to extract the code capsule.

In concentration camps of a distant past, a middle-aged mother seeks vengeance for her daughter's death with dark, heretical magic, despite her devout husband's disapproval. Ultimately, she sacrifices her life to save her soul and liberate her fellow prisoners.

A microphone operator returns to England from working on a documentary project in Greenland, only to find she has brought home the curse of the shark that killed her coworker and now endangers her son.

In the far future, a thousand people are the only survivors of humanity, as Earth has been destroyed by an asteroid. Aboard a generation ship headed to a new solar system, a young Japanese man recounts the defining moments from his childhood.

In a dystopian society where select boys are surgically mutilated and used as economic tools, a teenager helps track down and capture one of the boys who recently escaped from captivity. Though his goal is to return the escapee to the wealthy creator of these boys, the teenager soon begins to question the entire premise of their society.

A young girl endures the loss of her twin sister. In grief and denial, she comes to believe in a false identity and goes hunting in the woods, where she encounters a dangerous spirit that threatens to imprison her for eternity.

Two siblings come into the dreaded ownership of their childhood home after their father passes away, only to realize they cannot sell off the estate and its contents, thereby having to face the secrets of the house.

An elderly wizard senses an impending earthquake and asks a former student to help him stop the damage. He also calls upon the transformative magic once taught to him by a cherished female mentor in order to stabilize the ground, becoming irreversibly one with the earth in the process.

In a patriarchal village threatened by demons, Asvi, a widow, takes the sacrificial place of a widowed mother who is too poor to evade becoming a female offering.

Just before an American college student is set to leave for the airport after visiting her extended family in Ethiopia, she realizes her suitcases are too heavy. A fight breaks out between her relatives about what items should travel with her at their behest, versus which ones deserve to be left behind.