Short stories published in Missouri Review

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A strange young man shows up to a town and falls for a girl's Aunt Moon. Things take a turn when he mysteriously disappears but life goes and he makes a surprising comeback.

In the present day, an eccentric elderly docent leads a group of tourists through the Lee Chapel in Lexington City, Virginia, treating them to a vibrant speech blended with historical curios and an ounce of information about her own life.

An English professor in Georgia becomes obsessed with dogs after a Great Dane wanders into his classroom. Fueled by insomnia and an aneurysm, he embarks on journeys into the past and future in his own life and the lives of various dogs he has known.

In post-war Japan, an ex-soldier and his childhood neighbor continue their friendship as adults, on unequal terms.

A group of children in a family lives with their grandmother, but she is mean and abusive. The children soon become tired of her abuse and plot to kill her in various ways, though the task is complicated by logistics.

After her family moves from Peru to Colombia, Lila develops an unlikely friendship with her disabled maid, Estrellita.

An old woman reminisces about her twenties in NYC and her relationship with the family down the hall after she meets the younger daughter on a plane one day.

In an alternate universe of white suburban America, one nine-year-old girl's childhood is cut short when her parents find her a marital match: a socially-awkward businessman with a ridiculous mustache. Although she surrenders to her mother's housewife training, when the day of the wedding arrives, she tries to escape, endangering her and others in the process.

A boy growing up during Japan’s postwar economic ascendancy comes to grips with the sudden death of his mother and the eventual passing of his blind, aging father.

An extremely attractive man is fascinated by a woman he describes as 'unattractive.' He is certain that he will be the one to end their relationship - but as time passes, he learns that breaking a heart is also a kind of heartbreak.