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A middle-aged widower dreams of asking a younger local woman to be his wife, but it has been years since his wife died and he has forgotten how to court a woman. As the woman continues to visit his cabin, he must work up the courage to tell her how he feels.

In the present day, an eccentric elderly docent leads a group of tourists through the Lee Chapel in Lexington City, Virginia, treating them to a vibrant speech blended with historical curios and an ounce of information about her own life.

A woman flying home to San Francisco is forced on a detour because of a catastrophic earthquake that hits Northern California. She calls an ex-boyfriend with whom she is still in love to make sure he is safe and the two weigh whether or not to continue their romance.

In an alternative past where each human can access the minds of all other people at all times, a car crash causes one man to lose connection, and he becomes infatuated with the feeling of having a singular mind.

A scrivener sends his three daughters one-by-one into the forest in search of a witch who can make them into talented authors. Each of the girls finds something unexpected in the forest instead.

A poor Armenian boy in California adds a little bit of magic to his life when his cousin steals a gleaming white horse for them to ride.