Short stories tagged with Accidents

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Andrea's happy college life is disrupted when a strange, eerie figure begins stalking her.

A low-income Hispanic fisherman struggling to support his ill wife risks his career and legal autonomy when he agrees to go on a fishing trip with a careless co-worker who is storing a large sum of money near the fisherman's property.

An old lady orders her farm worker, Mr. Greenleaf, to kill his sons' bull that is loitering on her property.

A young woman marries her perfect husband after two months of dating. However, once they're married she learns about disturbing accidents in her husband's past and fears he isn't what he seems.

A middle-aged woman reflects on the strangeness and wildness of adolescence as she watches her best friend's teenage son behave in ways that hurt himself and others. As his behavior worsens, the women struggle to find the courage to confront him.

In a futuristic society in which humans can swap out bodies as they please, a woman's son lies critically injured in a hospital after an accident. As they attend to him, she reflects on the ways society has changed and strained her familial relationships.

When a hang glider gets tangled in the Bay Bridge, gridlock traffic creates chaos amongst the cars trapped above the water.

In an alternative past where each human can access the minds of all other people at all times, a car crash causes one man to lose connection, and he becomes infatuated with the feeling of having a singular mind.

A young Black girl explores the city in which she lives with exuberance. She reflects on the childhood myths that terrify and excite her, such as the old adage that stepping on a crack will break her mother's back.

An airman grieving his wife’s death worries that a superior’s carelessness may harm a young recruit, who has been traumatized by a hazing ritual.