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A woman very pregnant with her ex-fiance's child must decide whether or not to evacuate a futuristic Nigeria, where a genetically modified super-plant has led to extreme pollen tsunamis and a rare, deadly pollen allergy.

A 7 year boy disappears and his best friend confesses to his murder. The police begin an investigation that leads them down a mysterious path.

In 18th century France, an executioner faces enormous job stress leading up to and throughout the French Revolution. He must choose between his beloved wife and his job, and he struggles to leave the profession that was his father's before him.

A young boy thinks of his grievances with the world as he bikes and waits to take revenge on his bullies.

In an alternative past where each human can access the minds of all other people at all times, a car crash causes one man to lose connection, and he becomes infatuated with the feeling of having a singular mind.

In the near future, an immortal Black woman misses the only person she's ever loved: the woman who created the immortality drug alongside her. Only one of them had decided to take it.