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In a futuristic, interplanetary empire where most people are clones of each other, a group of three people—a girl who is the Empress's clone, her childhood friend who loves her, and her servant whom she adores—plot treason against the Empress.

A princess prophecied to bring about the downfall of her father, the king, must endure years of hardship and risk everything to be with her one true love.

In 18th century France, an executioner faces enormous job stress leading up to and throughout the French Revolution. He must choose between his beloved wife and his job, and he struggles to leave the profession that was his father's before him.

An elderly Egyptian servant tells the allegorical story of the white-footed gazelle, a series of vignettes tethered together by shared characters and themes. When finished, the servant suggests that beasts are not confined to fairy tales and also exist, in the form of common people, in everyday life.

Haunted by the ghosts of those he killed in the Congo, King Leopold II hires an inventor to create a machine capable of cleansing him of unwanted visions.