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An eerie description of characteristic fairy tale elements and how they are embodied in characters.

When a mother of three children visits her home country of South Africa for Christmas, her depression at how her life has failed her renders her neglectful, putting both her eldest child and sister in irreparable danger.

After several years asleep, a woman wakes up to find her husband kissing her, though she now must face his abusive ways.

After a string of girls from a prominent high school are found brutally murdered, two undercover cops have to work to dismantle the school's ironclad hierarchy and uncover the killer.

An elderly Egyptian servant tells the allegorical story of the white-footed gazelle, a series of vignettes tethered together by shared characters and themes. When finished, the servant suggests that beasts are not confined to fairy tales and also exist, in the form of common people, in everyday life.

After looking into her lover's eyes and seeing an inexplicable malice, a girl in an ambiguous Scandinavian world sets off on a quest to confront the Devil about the quotidian evil he unleashed into the world.