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When a man marries a princess from Cimmeria, a country he believes he imagined into existence, he must come to terms with a culture that recognizes twins as a single person—a primary and their shadow—and the lengths a shadow twin would go to in order to become their own person.

A graduate student finds himself embroiled in a strange sort of psychological game after he agrees to write a paper for another well-off student.

In a Wonderland where Alice is now the Red Queen, her maid walks a dangerous line between absolute loyalty and treason to the crown.

In a society where everyone is masked and takes on a new personality every day, an underground network seeks to return to their original identities.

An unwilling Antarean guide takes an obnoxious family of Earthlings on a tour of the planet's most important temple.

A magician obsessed with fighting calls on a deity to help her when her gender bars her from doing so, embroiling her in a plot to defeat an evil king with the help of fellow fighters.

In 1110s Islamic Spain, a banished court philosopher's affair with a supernatural girl lends his ideas persistence when she gives him a cohort of children to spread his beliefs to all corners of the world.

In biblical Israel, a young shepherd must navigate his forbidden desires after spending a summer day with the beautiful and powerful daughter of a king.

A girl abused by her father escapes through marriage to another wealthy man. In her marriage, she grapples with love and forgiveness.

After looking into her lover's eyes and seeing an inexplicable malice, a girl in an ambiguous Scandinavian world sets off on a quest to confront the Devil about the quotidian evil he unleashed into the world.