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In 1990s Leningrad, a Russian man prepares to emigrate, but things don't quite go as planned—twists of fate, complex friendships, and the omnipresent KGB stand in his way.

While on a near-future mission in Afghanistan, a soldier must scrounge up a quorum and receive enough upvotes from the American public before he can execute an important kill.

In an alternative universe, a young man goes hunting for his missing niece, with whom he shares a troubling history. His search leads him to a malicious villain who forces the man to reckon with his past crimes.

A failed Jewish-American painter embarks on a year-long trip through Italy to write a book on art history. A chance encounter with a Jewish refugee, however, quickly derails his writing, his trip, and his grip on reality.

From the streets of Kuala Lumpur to the deepest reaches of the jungle, a young artist witnesses first-hand the development of a brutal communist insurgency in the mid-twentieth century. From his sketches emerges a horrific yet poignant portrait of the conflict and those who fight it.

After looking into her lover's eyes and seeing an inexplicable malice, a girl in an ambiguous Scandinavian world sets off on a quest to confront the Devil about the quotidian evil he unleashed into the world.