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When the Great Recession leaves a depressed college graduate without a promising job, she finds herself walking a quarter-million-dollar clone of the dog she used to take care of.

In a contemporary rural American town, a psychopathic 60-year-old man strikes up a deceitful relationship with his young female neighbor.

A young Arizonian boy is kidnapped twice: first, by his father during a custody battle, and second, by a prostitute with something to prove.

Ever since she was little, Juliette's time-traveling grandfather would bring back a person of the past for her to torture and kill. It's all fun and games until Juliette meets a victim who might be her match.

A mathematician tries to convince his machinist friend to travel through time with him, leading to a heated discussion of man’s hubris and the possible paradoxes that could open up if they disturb the time-space continuum.

In a hospital that is divorced from a concrete time or place, a head trauma patient struggles to recover his memory after being accused of a violent string of murders.

In the year 2000, Orion is a young software developer who’s hit it big with his tech company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Despite his long-term relationship, success, and newfound riches, he feels an emptiness in his life, leading him into dangerous territory.

A young heiress in the 1950s takes up a decades-long affair with a married architect, which seems like a safe venture until a mutual friend begins blackmailing them.

When a space exploration program costs five men their lives, the manager of the program decides to send himself and his dog to Jupiter to investigate the men’s disappearances and save Earth from an encroaching apocalypse.

A young boy in 20th-century Los Angeles bides his time before the apocalypse by doing nothing out of the ordinary.