Short stories tagged with Open Ending

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In a contemporary rural American town, a psychopathic 60-year-old man strikes up a deceitful relationship with his young female neighbor.

In present-day New York City, a strained lawyer writes to a stranger, an eating disorder doctor, in hopes of confronting the man about an overheard phone conversation.

When a teenage girl discovers that she holds the prophesied power to overturn the balance between vampires and humans, both species struggle to get hold of her first.

In a hospital that is divorced from a concrete time or place, a head trauma patient struggles to recover his memory after being accused of a violent string of murders.

In an eccentric take on the afterlife, a recently deceased man in his mid-20s reminisces on his life and marriage--two things he gradually learns were more complicated than he initially assumed.

A young, Black woman wants to get rid of her Tell in order to forget about her lost love as well as kill him and his wife. She struggles to find the information she needs to find someone to do the job for her.

Years after a man’s detested godchild has died, the godchild’s father invites the man to stay with him and his wife in the countryside, where he witnesses strange things happening in the gardens where the godchild’s statue lies.

A grocery store worker is shot and killed in a neighborhood in New Orleans, and in the aftermath of the shooting, the entire neighborhood works to protect the killer.

In a futuristic society, humans are bred and raised to be frozen as sculptures and displayed at art museums — until one attendee decides to set them free.

When a sexual assault takes place near his Minneapolis home, a young, expectant father’s desire for erotic violence is triggered, leading him to crave inflicting terror on women.