Short stories tagged with Incest

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An old man recalls how the death of King Kong caused him to lose someone he loved.

A family with a gene that allows them to transform into snakes grapples with tradition and intergenerational trauma. The two daughters of this family have to decide: will they stay with an abusive family, or will they molt out of it?

In an eccentric take on the afterlife, a recently deceased man in his mid-20s reminisces on his life and marriage--two things he gradually learns were more complicated than he initially assumed.

An art curator in Seattle leaves his wife for a goth mom he met through an online BDSM community and has been having an affair with for three years. He remains hesitant to be public about his relationship, which he worries would jeopardize his career. On a trip to KinkFest, the couple visits his cousin, and the different spheres of his life collide.

A pair of incestuous twin sisters travel across the American south as they serially murder a slew of unsuspecting hitchhikers.

When the father of a college-aged girl, who works in a mail center and has taken to stealing her classmates' mail, comes to visit, he sexually assaults his daughter, as he has been doing since she was a young girl.

Growing up, a girl and her brother perform a ritual with her dolls in the woods. Now an adult, the woman marries and must introduce her new husband to the ritual.

A young man from an old, powerful southern family grows up hunting a legendary bear only to grapple with his relationship with nature and his family legacy.

In an alternative universe, a young man goes hunting for his missing niece, with whom he shares a troubling history. His search leads him to a malicious villain who forces the man to reckon with his past crimes.

On its way to a new town to perform, a carnival stumbles upon an abandoned girl and decides to take her in. However, the carnival’s knife-thrower discovers her possible involvement in a murder and an unsettling worm cult.