Short stories published in 1985

Listing 29 stories.

A Native American man in Arizona is abandoned by his family on account of his alcoholism, leaving him to work with a local White ranch owner on the condition that he remain sober. Over the course of a year working there, he remains sober, and his wife considers moving back with their son, but his old friends and old habits return to tempt him towards addiction.

A seventy-something-year-old woman dutifully visits her husband's grave only to realize that she contributed to the unhappiness of her marriage by letting her husband die lonely and unwanted.

In a lengthy dialogue, two men, possibly a psychologist and a patient, discuss adultery, sin, desire, and life.

A man reflects on a goose-hunting trip with his mother and her then-boyfriend when he was 16, contemplating how the venture impacted his own philosophies, as well as his relationship with his mother.

An old man becomes aware of the finality of his life, and that he couldn't find much meaning to it anymore.

On a doe hunting trip with her father and two other men in a forest in the Northern US, a nine-year-old girl reckons with her gender identity.

In a futuristic world, a nomadic thief meets a wealthy young girl who is a programming genius, and just so happens to have the one thing he needs to score big in his most recent gamble.

As the world collapses due to an escalated nuclear crisis, a young boy and a man’s lives are joined together as they escape from New York to Iceland. They start a new life of survival there as the world gets dark and cold, but they need the sun to reappear in order to survive long-term.

A writer and his student are implicated in a rumor.

When a middle-aged man's wife moves away to go back to school, he worries that he will not be able to care for their three children on his own. As the year goes on, the wife becomes increasingly distant, and the husband, resentful of her for leaving, wonders if he can trust her or if their marriage will soon fall apart.