Short stories tagged with Sobriety

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A Native American man in Arizona is abandoned by his family on account of his alcoholism, leaving him to work with a local White ranch owner on the condition that he remain sober. Over the course of a year working there, he remains sober, and his wife considers moving back with their son, but his old friends and old habits return to tempt him towards addiction.

A mother reflects on her past struggles with addiction.

When a sober woman in her thirties meets a strange man involved in high-profile drug deals, she is horrified to learn that he has followed her for weeks. Eventually, the woman goes against her better judgement and begins to date him after he promises her a life of luxury and comfort.

A young teen in Southern California, after several months of living on the streets, tries to rebuild her life. She suddenly disappears after six months of sobriety, leaving her family to yet again wonder if she has relapsed and returned to live on the streets again.