Short stories tagged with Drug Dealing

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A man takes his four-year-old son to a pumpkin patch, where they encounter another father-son duo.

A man is forced to confront his disdain for religion when he develops a relationship with a Jewish woman who converts to Islam. Even after separating, their differing approaches to faith cause them to continually clash until the man finally recognizes what divides them.

When a sober woman in her thirties meets a strange man involved in high-profile drug deals, she is horrified to learn that he has followed her for weeks. Eventually, the woman goes against her better judgement and begins to date him after he promises her a life of luxury and comfort.

When a friend from his drug-dealing past shows up unannounced, a filmographer who lives in the suburbs of Long Island must reckon with how to preserve his suburban fantasy while he tries to save his friend from their former dealer.