Short stories published in 1994

Listing 24 stories.

A hard-working Pennsylvania nurse discovers her friend and ex-lover dead in a ditch. She searches his pockets for the money she loaned him, and when she doesn't find it, she drags his dead body around town in a search for the money.

In the 1990s, after he ends ends up in a welfare hotel during a convention and is injured by a group of teenagers, an Asian American businessman thinks about his recent divorce and rethinks his current career.

A lovestruck journalist and a torn painter pull the threads of their affair in opposite directions: he desires something more permanent, while she feels indebted to her husband and sons.

An alcoholic hospital janitor with a murky, dark family history meets a capricious woman with even worse substance abuse problems than him. As they get sober and build a relationship, a series of misfortunes at work drives him to confront his painful past and his understanding of death.

A young boy suffering from OCD-like symptoms grapples with self-hatred, bullying, and sexual abuse and frequently flaps his hands and constricts his throat to escape reality. His compulsions and coping mechanisms follow him through elementary school, middle school, high school, and college.

A teenage girl and her mother grapple with the mother’s impending death. Throughout her mother’s last days, both try to cope with the idea of losing each other as the daughter gives in to her mother’s spontaneous requests in an attempt to please her.

Father and parishioner Dave Long sustains a leg injury in a softball game and refuses to have it treated. As his leg worsens, his rocky relationship with his son begins to heal.

A teenage son discreetly researches the Vietnam War, desperate for information about what his father may have experienced during his seventeen years in the Marine Corps.

A nurse finds that she cannot shake her discomfort with her daughter's sexuality after her daughter comes out as a lesbian. After she attends to a patient who is dying of AIDS, she comes to the realization that her homophobia contradicts her role as caregiver and mother.

A co-worker gives a new staff member an introductory tour of the office, while providing small gossip about other employees along the way.