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A hard-working Pennsylvania nurse discovers her friend and ex-lover dead in a ditch. She searches his pockets for the money she loaned him, and when she doesn't find it, she drags his dead body around town in a search for the money.

A man en-route to meet a criminal partner stops partway along his journey at a motel in the Four Corners, where he meets a woman and her baby. During the night, they wake to gunshots.

A traveling salesman tells a story in an attempt to bore his kidnappers after he is beaten, robbed, and held hostage by two hitchhikers.

A couple goes on a trip from Boston to Cape Cod and visit a fortune teller in the process.

When a twenty-seven-year-old women shoots a couple of drug dealers to escape sexual assault, she turns to the forty-four-year-old deputy sheriff--who happens to be her dead mother's lover--for help. The deputy goes so far as to kill a man to cover the woman's tracks, allowing her to escape without notice.

Freshly graduated from high school, a young couple must decide how to handle an unwanted pregnancy and their crippling sense of shame.