Short stories tagged with Gun Violence

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After the LAPD notices that the same female witness testified for two unrelated homicide cases, one detective must convince the witness to tell there truth before the murderer strikes again.

A man en-route to meet a criminal partner stops partway along his journey at a motel in the Four Corners, where he meets a woman and her baby. During the night, they wake to gunshots.

In a hyper-surveillance state set in the near future, a female military cyborg wrestles with extreme PTSD and guilt after unintentionally murdering young civilians on a mission abroad. After hearing a recording of the deaths, she realizes her "accident" isn't what it appeared to be, and takes justice into her own hands.

The investigation of a Black teenager's suspicious murder leads a private investigator into a web of mafia conspiracies, corporate cover-ups, and a quest to expose environmental racism.

On a scorching summer's day in a small town, prisoners comb through a field in order to find the body of a dead girl.

Fresh out of rehab, a recovering addict goes to live with his brother in Detroit who he hasn't seen in six years. He begins working at his brother's obstetrical clinic, where he encounters pro-life protesters that will stop at nothing to get what they want.

An elderly woman shelters her grand-niece from a violent boyfriend, causing her to confront her own deeply-held regrets about her daughter's death.

A queer Canadian woman's farm is shot at because she's different and more successful than neighboring farms.

A man who killed a young girl in a hit and run waits for karma to come for him.

A high-powered lawyer is tasked with defending a wealthy state attorney's son-turned-cop, who shot and killed a black man on the job.