Short stories published in Upgraded Anthology

Listing 3 stories.

In a hyper-surveillance state set in the near future, a female military cyborg wrestles with extreme PTSD and guilt after unintentionally murdering young civilians on a mission abroad. After hearing a recording of the deaths, she realizes her "accident" isn't what it appeared to be, and takes justice into her own hands.

In a near-future where people use a number of implants to enhance their bodies, a detective grieving the loss of her daughter hunts a serial killer who cuts recording implants out of sex workers' retina and uses the footage on them to blackmail high-ranking officials.

As a young girl's grandfather ages, her family decides to purchase a robot care-taker to watch over him. Technology advances as her grandfather controls the robot to care for his friend; however, as severe illness demonstrates, this system is not a perfect solution to elderly care.