Short stories tagged with Organized Crime

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When a prominent actor has his mind wiped and resold on the black market, a brain police officer goes undercover to find who is responsible — but in doing so, uncovers a scheme that makes her question even her own identity.

During Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, a former heroin addict saxophonist, and his longtime friend observe the destruction of their city while they wait for the drummer’s gangster brother to rescue them.

When a distant relative dies, a professor receives cryptic messages from an elusive stranger.

A former felon takes on the responsibility of resolving a failed weapons deal to save his brother's life. With his associations in organized crime and the FBI, he attempts to make things right once and for all by involving both groups in an unexpected master scheme.

When a routine black market bust exposes the seedy underworld of Seoul, two military GIs must take matters into their own hands to rescue a fellow soldier’s wife from a crime lord.

An aging hitman has felt unwelcome in the Ohio Italian Mafia ever since new leadership took over. But when the young new boss attempts to kill off the hitman, it ends up backfiring on him.

In a near-future where people use a number of implants to enhance their bodies, a detective grieving the loss of her daughter hunts a serial killer who cuts recording implants out of sex workers' retina and uses the footage on them to blackmail high-ranking officials.

A wealthy, mysterious woman romances a tow truck operator with ties to a large family famous for organized crime. After she asks the tow truck operator to find someone to murder her brothers and he refuses, he finds himself framed for the crime.

In Mexico, as her oldest sister searches for their kidnapped sibling, Mari spends her time in a holding cell with a young anorexic woman on the verge of death.

A wannabe filmmaker at a dead-end job discovers a shocking clue to the decades-long disappearance of a Hollywood starlet. He takes matters into his own hands to solve the mystery.