Short stories tagged with Displacement

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An older man recounts how White settlers violently removed him from his home and took him to a boys ranch to strip him of his indigeneity.

During Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, a former heroin addict saxophonist, and his longtime friend observe the destruction of their city while they wait for the drummer’s gangster brother to rescue them.

Kino's quiet life as a bar owner is interrupted when a mysterious man urges him to travel away for his own wellbeing.

An old man reflects on his youth in the countryside in twentieth-century Kentucky, and thinks of the freedom now lost to industrialization and displacement.

A lesbian woman living far from home becomes combative and hostile when a man she thought was her friend passes judgment on her family and choice to become a mother. At the same time, her partner pushes her to understand that it is still possible to live a happy life with their daughter, even while homophobia lingers in many of their interactions with others.

A Chinese American mother dates a Chinese man in New York City and tries to convince herself that she is in love — despite how she mourns the recent death of her husband.

A rat moves into a young squirrel's peaceful neighborhood and refuses to respect the space. Unable to force the rat to move away, the other animals watch as more and more rats come to live in the area of town they once avoided.

Deep in one of Washington's national parks, two middle-aged men are ice fishing on the lake just outside their cabin. When an unexpected visitor arrives, the men have to decide whether to save themselves or this stranger.

A young Italian teenager who served in World War II alongside American soldiers no longer has any living relatives in Italy. A friend who is a Black soldier offers to house him, but the Consul wants to keep the two races separate.

During the aftermath of the September 11 attacks in New York City, a pair of middle-aged adults reconvene when one of them swears she saw their mutual friend roaming the streets, decades after his death.