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Nana, a twenty-nine year old Ghanaian-American man from Cleveland, tries to repair his relationships with Sassy, his high school sweetheart, and Edwin, his Princeton-educated older brother, when Edwin comes home for the first time in five years.

A ten-year-old boy grows up in Brooklyn with his grandparents while his deadbeat father moves to Puerto Rico and refuses to take Esteban. When the father remarries, the boy realizes he can no longer repress his true emotions.

After yet another hurricane, a Puerto Rican family reflects how they hide their struggles from their Americanized relatives.

A young Italian teenager who served in World War II alongside American soldiers no longer has any living relatives in Italy. A friend who is a Black soldier offers to house him, but the Consul wants to keep the two races separate.

The Jewish inhabitants of Poland are forced into relocation when a war invades their previously untouched city. When they escape via train, they find themselves on board with circus performers, so they too practice performing in order to blend in before the train arrives at their next show.