Short stories published in Now We Will Be Happy

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A girl visits Puerto Rico to bond with her grandfather, and they find that music brings them together. After she returns home to the US, the grandfather struggles to converse with her over the phone.

A woman leaves her daughter behind to start a new life with her husband and sons. She begins to hang around her sister-in-law's store, but a customer's request tests their friendship.

An aging Puerto Rican woman searches her bodega for a letter from her distant son, and recalls her own desire to escape her restrictive life in America.

A young woman returns home from college for the first time in years to attend to her dying grandmother, whose only wish is for some homemade flan. Along the way, the young woman is forced to confront her parents' flawed relationship and the neglectful environment in which she grew up.

A young man frustrated with living at his in-laws' house is triggered by gifted doll and lashes out at his wife.

A Puerto Rican woman married to an abusive husband engages in an affair with a Puerto Rican chef. As the two of them confront the cruelty of the world around them, they also develop a deeper love for their shared heritage.

A young man grows up knowing that his mother lost five sons before him. He then bears the weight of her crippling love and grief as he has a son of his own and struggles to feel any love for him.

A ten-year-old boy grows up in Brooklyn with his grandparents while his deadbeat father moves to Puerto Rico and refuses to take Esteban. When the father remarries, the boy realizes he can no longer repress his true emotions.

After an explosive argument with his father, a teenager runs away. His brother suspects he is staying with a friend in Brooklyn and goes to retrieve him.

After yet another hurricane, a Puerto Rican family reflects how they hide their struggles from their Americanized relatives.