Short stories tagged with Healthcare

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A young woman returns home from college for the first time in years to attend to her dying grandmother, whose only wish is for some homemade flan. Along the way, the young woman is forced to confront her parents' flawed relationship and the neglectful environment in which she grew up.

After finding out that her toddler has cancer, a fiction writer and her husband living in the American Midwest do everything they can to save their baby, including giving up her artistic integrity in order to pay for the medical bills.

A divorced woman reflects upon a bizarre medical experience that still emotionally binds her to her ex-husband.

A former divorcé runs into an old friend on the streets of New York City. Over a drink, the men speak about an endless cycle of generosity that the friend has wrapped himself up in, while the protagonist considers his comparatively smaller problems.

A man who has struggled with chronic pain throughout his life begins an expensive new treatment from a mysterious New York City doctor that has a more sinister way of healing patients of their pain.

When a St. Louis health surveillance drone is without purpose due to CDC budget cuts, it finds new friendships in a flock of crows and a human scientist, and beings to work with them to combat the outbreak of disease.