Short stories published in Future Tense Fiction.

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There are 770 million cameras in the world and we don't know who is watching or why. An worker in boiler room, a cop, a high school student, and a woman escaping from an abusive environment all have one thing in common, they are being watched.

Reparations are being paid through a scientific algorithm and the police have been abolished in favor of a new system. However, the project begins to break down when non-marginalized groups find ways to abuse the marginalized.

When her daughter dies in a mass shooting, a mother donates the daughter's pictures to a tech company in hopes that they can utilize them to protect future children, what she doesn’t realize is that it is she herself who needs protection from the internet trolls that come after her.

When a St. Louis health surveillance drone is without purpose due to CDC budget cuts, it finds new friendships in a flock of crows and a human scientist, and beings to work with them to combat the outbreak of disease.