Short stories tagged with Failure

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An unexpected letter reminds a man that he was once voted "Most Likely To Succeed" by his graduating class. Even though both world wars have changed the course of his life, he realizes that he is not unhappy.

A gay man working in a luxury fashion store in Asia prepares for the upcoming arrival of the brand’s chief designer. If everything goes right, his desired career in fashion will be set.

A famous novelist emotionally manipulates a young artist in order to write about him and inadvertently causes the artist to commit suicide.

An alcoholic hospital janitor with a murky, dark family history meets a capricious woman with even worse substance abuse problems than him. As they get sober and build a relationship, a series of misfortunes at work drives him to confront his painful past and his understanding of death.

A boy's great-grandfather loves to tell stories; he recounts his days as a pioneer when he went out West and searched for gold.

In a near future world, a famous computerized drama director is pushed beyond his artistic limits when a random science fiction writer asks him to adapt his novel for the digital stage—for the alluring incentive of real gold payment.

Reparations are being paid through a scientific algorithm and the police have been abolished in favor of a new system. However, the project begins to break down when non-marginalized groups find ways to abuse the marginalized.

A teenage boy unexpectedly discovers a love for chess and sets out to make a name for himself, only to hit the ceiling between passion and genius.

After crossing a deadly river, three men—a brutish warrior, a dubious prince, and an amnesiac elderly man—band together to survive, but are soon torn apart by murder, memories, and the allure of life on the other side of the river.

A high school English teacher copes with his disappointing reality by imagining a secret life for himself at a distinguished university campus - but he is shocked and furious when one of the students that he looks down upon has a similar method of escapism.