Short stories published in 1977

Listing 30 stories.

Ten years after leaving, a woman returns to Ireland and finds her longtime crush now married with children.

In an apocalyptic future, a team of undead time travel back to a doomed flight to rescue the passengers on board in a routine but elaborate mission. Getting the passengers through a portal is not easy without disrupting the fabric of space-time, but the passengers, healthy and alive, are the only hope to populate a desperate future world.

When Ardis Bascombe drunkenly kissed Walpole Greene one college night, she did not know she would be stirring a deadly attraction that might be fatal for her.

A man and his wife visit their daughter and her newborn at a cottage in a tropical forrest. Though the daughter never told them she was pregnant, the parents vow to take care of their grandchild when illness strikes their family.

In a Priory community by a yellow lake, a young man works for his mother's acquaintance to build the basement of her beach house. He is pushed to complete the project before the community summer solstice celebration, though the celebration turns out to be a rather cheerless, mundane success without necessitating the finished basement anyway.

A writer finds himself entangled in the lives of his college friends, an ex-literature professor and his wife, decades after they graduate. They pursue love and their literary dreams mind a chaotic New York City of the 1960s.

A German hotel owner in Hawaii experiences a jolt of excitement in his life when a young woman who loves literature and detests flights as much as he does checks in his hotel with her husband.

A depressed and suicidal middle-aged woman is about to take her own life — when vacuum cleaner salesmen come knocking on her door. Before long, she finds herself knee-deep in a thrilling affair.

A teenage boy unexpectedly discovers a love for chess and sets out to make a name for himself, only to hit the ceiling between passion and genius.

For a teenage boy living in Nashville, Tennessee, it is impossible to be close with his grandfather the way his parents expect them to be. Although they call the same area home, the grandfather and grandson come from opposite worlds.