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Ten years after leaving, a woman returns to Ireland and finds her longtime crush now married with children.

A young man travels across a country in the midst of a race war that grows larger as different identity-based groups join the fight, until the sudden end of the conflict brings further confusion and strife.

A man remembers a fateful autumn during his junior year of high school, which he spent playing football in apple orchards, riding in his best friend's car, and falling in love.

A woman's complicated relationship to her mother is captured in three vignettes: one from directly after her death, one from when she is still alive, and one from years after she is gone.

Plagued by visions of her past, a humanoid creature investigates a crashed UFO. She realizes that the ship and the creature piloting it are one and the same.

A young boy angry, about a conflict with his neighbor, discusses morality with his mother. With ironic consequences, they explore sin, God, and the presence of evil in the world through the lens of the Tooth Fairy.

In the near future, an investigative journalist interviews several key players in the rise of a genetic enhancement drug that has made predominantly white Americans Black.

In a world ravaged by malware, two powerful tycoons with opposing solutions emerge as saviors. But tragedy strikes when a young man's lust threatens the newfound, tenuous balance between machines and the natural world.

A young Hawaiian girl dreams of a better life for her family in the face of intense familial conflict, physical and emotional abuse, and death.

In the mid-twentieth-century South, a black mother's greed has haunting consequences for her and her coveted son.