Short stories published in 1962

Listing 29 stories.

In a future where death is volunteered and the population is controlled, a soon-to-be father waits for his triplets to be born—and he must find three volunteers to die in order for them to live.

After a man shoots a masked burglar who breaks into his home and pulls a gun on him, he is left to cope with the guilt of having taken a life.

A New Yorker returns to his childhood home with his family and comes to understand family dynamics more acutely when he visits a drug store run by a pharmacist whom he used to terrorize as a child.

Haunted by the ghost of his aunt's unfaithful husband, a university professor in California watches two married students that he is fond of go through a divorce.

A middle-aged writer finds a suicide note and a copperhead in his garden, beginning a series of linked events that cause him to question reality and prompt his doctor to send him to Florida for rest and rehabilitation.

A young boy angry, about a conflict with his neighbor, discusses morality with his mother. With ironic consequences, they explore sin, God, and the presence of evil in the world through the lens of the Tooth Fairy.

On the first day of his first paid vacation, a good-natured man stumbles across a dysfunctional family who needs his help.

A man recalls his time in a mental health facility, focusing on a friend who made all the patients' lives happier through his radiant positivity.

An orphan-turned-salesman loses his job and resorts to bargaining off pieces of himself in an effort to appraise the value of human life.

On the night of his daughter's birthday, a middle-aged Canadian professor laments the death of his daughter's mother, who died in childbirth twenty years ago.