Short stories published in Perspective

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Haunted by the ghost of his aunt's unfaithful husband, a university professor in California watches two married students that he is fond of go through a divorce.

When his deceased son is accused of thievery, a grieving grocery store owner condemns the world for making him rethink the innocent memories he had of his son.

A young man returns home to find a girl in desperate need of a father figure. After a few seemingly unsuccessful attempts to win her trust, he has almost given up - until an encounter with a snake in the woods gives him the chance to truly put his life on the line for her sake.

A young woman recounts three times in her life when she felt emotions of an unexplainable transcendent love: watching a ballet for the first time, making eye contact with an attractive librarian in high school, and listening to an old professor lecture during night classes at a university.

A young girl reluctantly goes on a picnic that swiftly goes awry - she witnesses the death of a stranger. However, the experience brings her closer to her grandmother.