Short stories tagged with Open Ended Ending

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A snarky teenage boy attending a high school for intelligent students in space discovers that his favorite professor has been fired, and he soon begins receiving mysterious messages claiming that he is in danger. The boy and his best friend go into hiding and must find a way to escape before being captured by the school's many soldiers.

A Vietnamese near-centenarian living in New Orleans reminisces on wars he experienced, ideas he held, and countries he saw during the 20th century with the help of the ghost of an old friend: Ho Chi Minh.

A teenage Bangladeshi girl runs from the unwanted advances of a doctor, the shackles of her traumatic past, and the upcoming mysteries of her future. All the while, her comatose adopted sister fights for her life.

After a drunken night out, a high school English teacher is kidnapped by a strange man. But as she uncovers her abductor’s motivation, the power shifts back in her favor.

On the first day of his first paid vacation, a good-natured man stumbles across a dysfunctional family who needs his help.

An Italian-American family begins to crumble apart after experiencing several tragic accidents, but the father tries desperately to stay strong and remains optimistic that everyone will one day be together again.

In 1952, stifled by a cruel employer and the unfamiliarity of her new life in America, a Chinese immigrant decides to take matters into her own hands.

When a young adult accompanies her avoidant mother to a mammogram appointment during a visit to her suburban hometown, she receives terrible news that throws her identity in flux.

On a distant planet, the elders who bring sunlight into the sky have gone missing in the midst of a world war against humans. One child must find the sun gatherers and help defeat the humans.

When a young Puerto Rican woman finds herself working retail as part of her prison sentence for participating in a protest, she discovers that laughter may be her most powerful weapon.