Short stories tagged with Supernatural Abilities

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On a distant planet, the elders who bring sunlight into the sky have gone missing in the midst of a world war against humans. One child must find the sun gatherers and help defeat the humans.

In futuristic Nigeria, a seemingly innocent dinner party at the home of a wealthy scientist turns into a nightmare. Three women join forces to rescue the others with their special abilities and newly-acquired weapons.

A woman must choose between her landlubber life and the path her sister and mother chose, as mermaids.

After being recruited by a band of Norman soldiers with magical powers, a teenage girl who can summon fire is forced to participate in a war against her own people. But when she and her captors suddenly come under attack, she must decide where her loyalties lie.

After a car accident, a man gains the ability to see into the past and attempts to contact a mysterious creature trapped in the cliffs near his farm.