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When a bartender discovers that bug bites give him dreams, he attempts to solve his marital problems by making his wife experience the dreams with him.

A simulacron, who serves as a representative of an alien species, speaks with the US Secretary of Science about their wish to purchase the planet Jupiter. While the Secretary worries about stirring up conflict between the simulacron and another species, the simulacron assures him that no harm will come to Earth, and the two eventually reach an agreement.

A brilliant little boy is taken to an elite school in space to learn how to fight "buggers", insect-like aliens who have attacked Earth in the past and will likely attack again. Along the way, he is forced to participate in acts of extreme violence that challenge who he believes himself to be.

A woman on a space mission to help save the planet sends audio messages to her brother back on Earth. The last message contains gut-wrenching confessions, and reveals that her brother is the reason she is on the mission at all.

In a futuristic world, the space race between China and South Africa leads to the discovery of the Spirit World, leading to the deaths of hundreds by spontaneous combustion.

Ancient, doomed Moggadeet struggles to overcome the deadly cold in order to save their beloved Lillyloo from the harsh, alien world they inhabit together.

Two men on opposites sides of a civil war wonder what they are fighting for as the flames of destruction spread across the country and alien forces are exposed.

In futuristic Nigeria, a seemingly innocent dinner party at the home of a wealthy scientist turns into a nightmare. Three women join forces to rescue the others with their special abilities and newly-acquired weapons.

An unwilling Antarean guide takes an obnoxious family of Earthlings on a tour of the planet's most important temple.

A cynical cab driver who ferries alien tourists from a spaceport to New York City is unwillingly involved in a cover-up when a drugged-up alien throws itself from his cab and dies. Shortly thereafter, a relative of the dead alien comes looking for answers with a ship that could destroy the world.