Short stories by Mike Resnick

Michael "Mike" Diamond Resnick, better known by his published name Mike Resnick, was a popular and prolific American science fiction author. He is, according to Locus, the all-time leading award winner, living or dead, for short science fiction. He was the winner of five Hugos, a Nebula, and other major awards in the United States, France, Spain, Japan, Croatia and Poland. and has been short-listed for major awards in England, Italy and Australia. He was the author of 68 novels, over 250 stories, and 2 screenplays, and was the editor of 41 anthologies. His work has been translated into 25 languages. 

Listing 13 stories.

A string of veteran suicides causes an investigation that raises more questions than answers.

A preacher teaches his janitorial robot about Christianity so the robot can help identify the logical inconsistencies in his Sunday sermons. But when the robot wants to join the congregation, the preacher and his parishioners are not so welcoming.

A young girl in a futuristic village in Africa challenges the gender roles of her people's culture, much to the frustration of the village's central authoritative figure, a male witch doctor.

In a futuristic world, a well-intentioned African witch doctor kills a newborn baby that according to his culture was a demon. However, Maintenance, white people from another planet, disagree with the witch doctor’s cultural traditions and try to stop this practice.

A group of journalists are invited to a New Zealand farm to view genetically engineered creatures designed to end world hunger. But when the creatures appear to speak and be sentient, the company scrambles to convince the journalists they were mistaken.

Before he leaves to settle a space colony, a Kenyan father receives a visit from his estranged son. The son spots a couple of jackals, the only animals left after European destruction, and his father informs him that they are to be resettled in an artificial game park.

Before his presidency, Theodore Roosevelt is hired by the British to solve the identity of Jack the Ripper.

In a distant future of intergalactic colonies and relative diplomacy between extra-terrestrial races, two junkyard scavengers scour star systems for potential valuables. After stumbling upon a damaged robot on an abandoned planet, the pair analyse its memory core in the hopes of turning a profit, but are instead forced to challenge their notion of humanity.

A group of alien archaeologists explores the Olduvai Gorge in Africa to learn about humanity, an extinct race. However, as they begin investigating artifacts, they discover that everything they knew about humans is entirely wrong.

An unwilling Antarean guide takes an obnoxious family of Earthlings on a tour of the planet's most important temple.