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When four members of a spacecraft finally land on a distant planet, they fall victim to terrible and inexplicable pain around their ears.

An older Indian man recounts his story of "alien" encounters on Mars during Saturday tea.

An envoy for an interplanetary agency is sent to a kingdom in which women have few rights and slavery is commonplace.

A young woman attending a party with her obscure boyfriend is a witness to a dire cosmic event that thrusts her into a new, desolate existence.

A couple of Angelenos realize in the middle of the night that the world is ending, decide to enjoy their last night together.

In a futuristic world, a well-intentioned African witch doctor kills a newborn baby that according to his culture was a demon. However, Maintenance, white people from another planet, disagree with the witch doctor’s cultural traditions and try to stop this practice.

When a young man goes insane on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, and runs out onto the hostile surface, his friends to follow him out on a dangerous journey.

When a beautiful young girl is woken up aboard a spaceship traveling to a new planet, she must call on an artificial intelligence system for help to save herself and the 30,000 people on the ship with her.