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An older Indian man recounts his story of "alien" encounters on Mars during Saturday tea.

An aeronautical engineer joins a poaching team in a universe called “Sky” and grows increasingly uncomfortable with the ways in which animals are being killed and the impact this is having on the environment.

In a universe that regenerates continually, producing the exact same timeline with each big bang, humans struggle to find meaning in lives over which they have no control.

In contemporary New York, an unlikely friendship develops between the starship that hovers above the city and the Earth’s human representative. The ship faces a difficult dilemma—it must decide whether to leave to help its creators or to stay with its new human friend.

Three friends in a magical world descend a staircase into the abyss at the edge of the world and encounter forces they can't control.

A priest is the god of his own universe, but struggles to understand how he came to be. He takes in a young pupil to relieve himself of godhood.

Earth is colonizing the people of Venus, and a Venusian royal protects an Earth general as he concludes his imperialist takeover on the planet. In the face of an even worse enemy, she is able to bring the two sides together to save the planet.