Short stories tagged with Spirituality

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While waiting for their reverend to arrive for their prayer group amidst a horrible storm, a pair of elderly Southern women try to repair a broken friendship by sharing stories about the mysterious acts of God that saved them.

A man finds God’s overcoat at a thrift shop, compelling him to do good for the people whose prayers land in his pockets.

A young man contracts an intestinal disease as he travels to a tropical island and chooses to fast for his physical and spiritual health. As he develops an intimacy with the island, he becomes convinced that this fast will cure his illness — despite what other Western travelers believe.

A minister’s young daughter, whose mother suffers from depression, wears a controversial costume to an evangelical church gathering. While hiding from adults, she stumbles upon an exorcism.

A young being describes coming of age on their planet. Though they spend most of their time without gender, when it comes time to get physically intimate, they meet at a kemmer-house for a short duration, as either female or male.

Guided by his late grandfather's wisdom, a young man in 1970s America must continuously attempt to stand up against a colleague's violence and console the man's distressed girlfriend, even when she is tragically hospitalized.

In this fantasy story inspired by African mythology, a young acolyte who is frustrated that the gods have never spoken to her learns of a divine secret that shatters both her view of the world and her perception of her own purpose.

To generate positive publicity for her show, a TV celebrity in the American South attends the funeral service of one of her young fans, but ends up having a spiritual reckoning of her own while she's there.

When a distant relative dies, a professor receives cryptic messages from an elusive stranger.

In this piece of historical fiction inspired by "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe, a teenage girl mourns the death of Annabel, her secret lover, as Annabel's family claims that their illicit love led to the illness that took the girl's life.