Short stories tagged with First Person Narration.

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A young woman feels trapped in her own life, bound to her convict boyfriend and young son. The woman's worldly aunt encourages her to move away and start over.

Protagonist Leo Gold attends the annual Anarchists’ Convention in New York City, a spectacle predictably filled with divisions and subcommittees and impassioned debates over topics as banal as the order events and whether dinner should be self-serve or not. But when the hotel manager comes in to ask the party to vacate the room as it had been previously booked, the group unites to building barricades and sing protest songs in defense of their noble cause.

A married woman has a conversation with her friend's ex-boyfriend who expresses his regret for a series of failed relationships. Though the woman is happily married, these conversations remind her of her own regrets and abusive ex-husband.

In contemporary times, a fifteen-year-old creative writing whiz is sent to a gifted creatives summer camp in Massachusetts, where he meets a young male trombonist. As the two become friends and the writer gets to know the trombonist’s family and their troubles, he turns the trombonist and his dying sister into novel characters. Everything changes when the trombonist discovers the writer’s manuscript.

Under the cover of secretarial work in a psychiatric unit, the protagonist records patients’ dreams in a logbook dedicated to Johnny Panic, believing themself a disciple to the omniscient master of fear and creator of all dreams. When the protagonist spends the night at the unit for unfettered access to patient records, the clinic director takes them away to a secure room for electroshock therapy.

A teenage girl mourns the loss of her beloved girlfriend to cancer as she begins a relationship with another girl who she realizes is no substitute.

A teenage girl's parents debate a neurological treatment that would allow her to participate in life more easily but could also mean giving up the wonderful, unusual talents the girl possesses.

In this piece of historical fiction inspired by "Annabel Lee" by Edgar Allen Poe, a teenage girl mourns the death of Annabel, her secret lover, as Annabel's family claims that their illicit love led to the illness that took the girl's life.

A sister and her half-brother are suspicious when the boy's father, who was a heroin addict, returns home for a visit. The father's relapse throws their relationship into chaos, but then he bestows a unique gift on the children before he leaves.

The disturbance of an ancient piece of technology leads a "ghost apocalypse" to spread throughout Canada as poltergeists work to eliminate all human life. A man, as one of the nightmare's few survivors, lives to tell the story.