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A young woman feels trapped in her own life, bound to her convict boyfriend and young son. The woman's worldly aunt encourages her to move away and start over.

A young girl with a grievous family situation grows up and tries to escape her reality by seeking false love and affection.

A 13-year-old boy growing up in a Catholic orphanage in the slums of Bangkok learns that he is the final incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu, and must battle the dragon Jade to keep the world green.

When a young hospital attendee runs away from charges of murder, he lands in the refuge of two artists. He stays to learn how to paint and begins to form secretive bonds with his strange hosts.

A twelve-year-old boy has grown up his entire life being taught how to restrain his mother, who experiences monstrous transformations that leave her unrecognizable. When his father gets trapped in a room intended to restrain the mother, the boy has to quickly mature, lest he lose both his parents.

Fresh out of rehab, a young man returns to New York City searching for girl he used to know, finding ghosts from his past along the way.

When a dessert chef in New Jersey attacks undocumented Thai workers with a knife, and claims that they stole his cream puffs, the boss and salad chef must work to resolve the issue and grant amends to all parties, while simultaneously dodging the immigration workers that the dessert chef called in to get his own revenge.

A young girl is captured by scavenger army raiders, separated from her mother, and—alongside other children—forced to rummage the post-apocalyptic ruins of the raiders’ town. In the wasteland, she finds an artifact from the Before, offering her and the other captives a chance at freedom.

Having survived the apocalypse for a few years with his buddy cop, a sheriff has to reflect on what he's living for when his friend dies and the threat continues to loom outside.

A news editor receives a warning from an eccentric man that a murder will happen that day. After the murder happens as described, the editor learns that the man's invisible friends disclose future occurrences to him.